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Experience the power of dibizma: Transform complex challenges into streamlined operations with our modular, element-based software architecture.

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Your advantages at one glance

Fully flexible end-to-end modular software platform supporting even the most specific and complex processes

Implementation takes only weeks

instead of months or years allowing a 8-10x faster realization of the saving and development potentials

Flexibility is ensured

by the No-code & Low-Code software entry points and you are not dependent on expensive software developers

Your internal process owner

and competence center or trusted external process consulting team can deliver business logic for initial deployment and for further developments

AI-powered logic design

Our platform constructs sophisticated business logic brick by brick, with the aid of our AI assistant, translating intricate business needs into precise application configurations, ensuring a seamless and intuitive development process.

Your business logic drives

the application and not the other way around

Implemented AI engine

ensures best fit business processes during configuration resulting in comprehensive outcome quality and best in class time-to-value for each process execution

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Unleash full potential with the modular flexibility of dibizma

In building business logic, dibizma leverages a comprehensive function kit, akin to constructing sentences from the alphabet, enabling the creation of detailed, custom-fit business narratives. This modular approach, enriched by AI co-pilot assistance, ensures dynamic and precise application development tailored to your unique operational needs.

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Accelerated market responsiveness

By leveraging dibizma, you gain the agility to implement tailored business solutions rapidly, ensuring your operations remain competitive and responsive in a dynamic business environment. This capability not only leads to competitive differentiation but also significantly reduces operational costs and enhances the quality of your deliverables, fostering rapid growth and customer satisfaction.

Significant reduction in operational costs

We enable our customers to gain remarkable financial efficiency and resource optimization. By using Dibizma's platform, businesses report substantial FTE savings and business growth, while achieving rapid ROI. Often recouping implementation costs in just 3 months. This efficiency is further enhanced by dramatically lower project overheads, as our solution completes projects 8-10 times faster than traditional custom software development, minimizing both upfront investments and the costs associated with rework.

Direct impact through unparalleled deployment speed

We are drastically condensing the development timeline, enabling the creation of custom end-to-end business applications in weeks while reducing your project risks—turning months or even years of development into immediate results.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

This is achieved through dibizma's capability to rapidly adapt to market changes and customer needs, ensuring your services remain relevant and top-notch in a fast changing environment. This agility leads to improved customer and employee experiences, fostering loyalty and establishing a lasting competitive edge in your industry.

Flexible and efficient supply chain management

dibizma in the supply chain and procurement enables companies to quickly adapt to changes in market demand, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory requirements, enhancing agility and resilience while speeds up transaction times, resulting in increased operational efficiency while minimizee human error and ensures data accuracy in tasks such as order processing, invoicing, and inventory tracking. Supplier integration through dibizma results in better supplier relationships: providing real-time visibility into supplier performance and fostering collaboration, companies can build stronger relationships with suppliers, negotiate better terms, and mitigate risks.
Supply chain management and procurement functions using dibizma can transform operations, drive efficiency, reduce costs, and position the company for sustainable growth in a competitive marketplace.

Focus on value creating activities

Deploying dibizma enables the streamlining of workflows and the elimination of non-value-added activities, in line with LEAN principles. This ensures that processes are optimized for efficiency and effectiveness in the meanwhile  facilitating visual management techniques, such as Kanban boards or digital dashboards, to provide real-time visibility into workflow status and performance metrics, enabling better decision-making and problem-solving.You can cut 100% of manual administration and non-valuadded activities by letting dibizma do it or keep track of it as life goes on. This will free-up capacities, which you can use for your core value-creation and do more business or for optimizing your set-up. dibizma give you the freedom to decide.

Getting to the top of your business

Automation by dibizma supports continuous improvement efforts by providing data and analytics on process performance, which enables teams to identify areas for optimization, implement changes rapidly, reduce variability and improve reliability in their processes, measure the impact of process improvements over time.Supply chain management and procurement functions using dibizma can transform operations, drive efficiency, reduce costs, and position the company for sustainable growth in a competitive marketplace.
dibizma helps identify and eliminate waste in processes, whether it's overproduction, excess inventory, unnecessary transportation, waiting times, or defects. By minimizing waste, you can improve resource utilization and reduce costs.
All together dibizma can contribute to gain a competitive advantage in your  industry. You can deliver products/services faster, with higher quality and at lower costs, positioning yourselves as leaders in the market.

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