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We are revolutionizing software implementation by offering fully tailor made software on average 8-10x faster time-to-value while staying in your budget.

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Where efficiency meets innovation – transform your business operations with speed and precision.

Direct impact through 
unparalleled deployment speed

We are drastically condensing the development timeline, enabling the creation of custom end-to-end business applications in weeks while reducing your project risks—turning months or even years of development into immediate results.

Stay within your budget & 
project plan

Minimize operational and development costs with dibizma’s platform. Our clients report 8-10x time saving and a swift return on investment - often recouping implementation costs within just a few months.

Scalable customization with full 

Our platform grows with you, adapting to new business challenges and scaling to meet increasing demands without compromising security or performance without any developers or costly consulting projects.

Top-notch software tailored 
to your needs without compromises

Experience seamless implementation of your business logic with the innovative dibizma platform. Unlock unparalleled freedom to effortlessly build your business applications, tailored precisely to your unique requirements. Harness the power of unlimited features, each serving as fundamental building blocks, reminiscent of crafting a captivating story, letter by letter, with the limitless potential of the alphabet.

Complex solutions, simplified: mastering even ERP standards

Covering a wide range starting from simple applications and automation up to crafting detailed and tailor made ERP systems, managing intricate workflows, dibizma enables a seamless transition from concept to a fully operational end-to-end business process automation solution.

Beyond off-the-shelf software limitations

dibizma solves the limitations of off-the-shelf software by offering tailored flexibility, seamless integrations, and reduced IT dependency, all within a cost-effective framework. This approach not only circumvents the rigidity and high costs associated with standard software but also accelerates deployment, empowering businesses to adapt swiftly and efficiently to their unique requirements.

Revolutionized efficiency: dibizma’s advantage over custom development

dibizma streamlines the software development process, offering rapid deployment, significant cost savings, and reduced risks over traditional custom development. With quicker ROI, minimized overheads, and reworks, dibizma provides a more efficient and predictable alternative, reducing the complexities and uncertainties often associated with custom-built solutions.

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Seamless implementations and business logic with flexibility.

How it works?

How long does the implementation process take?

Implementation with dibizma takes significantly less time compared to traditional methods, with projects typically going live in weeks instead of months or years. This rapid deployment is possible due to our end-to-end automation and efficient project delivery methodology.

What does the implementation process involve?

Our implementation process is comprehensive and streamlined, involving:a. Capturing the "As-Is" situation and enhancing business processes.b. Configuring the system to fit your specific requirements.c. Conducting system tests and user training.d. Offering post-launch support to ensure smooth operation.

Is training provided for new users?

Yes, dibizma provides thorough training sessions post-implementation to ensure users are comfortable and proficient in using the platform. This includes both initial training and refresher courses as needed.

Can dibizma integrate with my existing systems?

Absolutely, dibizma is designed for full integration capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly connect with your existing IT systems and external applications, enhancing your operational ecosystem without disrupting current workflows.

What kind of post-launch support can I expect?

Following the launch, dibizma offers comprehensive support including system configuration assistance, user training refreshers, and handling user inquiries to ensure continuous and smooth operation of the implemented solution.

How quickly can I see a return on my investment with dibizma?

Many of our clients report experiencing a rapid return on investment, often recouping implementation costs within just 3 months post-launch, thanks to the significant operational efficiencies and cost savings enabled by the dibizma platform.

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